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Fantastic and friendly car service in Belconnen. Harry's Auto Care are very honest and super helpful. Would recommend to anyone in ACT! Jennie W on Google My Business


Quick and efficient car service by Harry's Auto Care! Wouldn't see any other mechanic in Belconnen! A Google User on Google My Business


I am writing to express mine and my partner’s gratitude for the service we received at Harry's Auto Care in Belconnen on the weekend just past.
Our drama started at 3am Saturday morning on our way up to Canberra at Yass when the gearbox packed it in.
We limped into Belconnen where we booked a motel and I started making phone calls at 8:00am and got the usual come and see me Monday.
In the mean time I had located a second-hand gearbox from the other side of Canberra, when I got a hold of  Harry's Auto Care - the gent there told me to bring the car in and then proceeded to lend me his private car to pick up the parts required.
I then realised that he had dropped all other work to accommodate my problem. The gent had the gearbox fitted in my 4x4 in time to attend the football and the only charged me half the price quoted by everyone else I spoke to that morning.
This business is a real credit to your company and if every franchise is the same I will be only attending Repco places from now on. (Not that I want to break down often).
Please pass on my thanks to the business down there and give them a medal!
Regards Dr Stephen Fisher


I've taken my cars to Harry's several times. They are always friendly and prompt. The one time that the car was still making a funny noise after I left they told me to bring it back when it was convenient for me and they fixed it straight away! Netter in Kaleen ACT on Word of Mouth Online


I am an occasional user of Harry's Auto Care with slightly unusual 'ordinary' vehicles, including Petrol, Diesel and Gas.
The mechanics have always been friendly and efficient, and they have delivered what they said they would deliver. Harry's Auto Care have given me friendly advice on things that need doing and the mechanics are happy with me doing my own work, or going elsewhere.
They're always slightly busy, which is a good sign, and they have kept me in the loop on progress, and never spent more without talking to me first.
I'm going to keep going to Harry's Auto Care: they're a good, workmanlike crew who charge the going rate and explain what they're doing. UniMike on TrueLocal


Try Peter at Harry's Auto Care Repco in Oatley Ct Belconnen. Craney on AussieMagna


Took the car to Harry's Auto Care today for Roadworthy Certificate (RWC). My car performed not as bad as I thought. I failed for the dumbest things (dumb on my part, lol): no side repeater (the ones on the guard), exhaust unsecure, hand brake lever is slack, front mudguards not on and - one I didn't notice - that my front left tyre is starting to wear out. Harry's Auto Care is located on 9 Oatley Court. I'm getting permit first thing tomorrow, then doing what's needed. Hopefully retest on Monday then rego right away. The workshop mechanic said I don't need to pay for retest and the first test was 50$ - how good is that! I'm leaving for Manila next week and won't be back till December but need some Rego on car so GF can move it around. Big sigh of relief, though. Was scared I would need to do so much and not get rego in time. LoveB on JustCommodores


I have a TE V6 Magna and needed a new timing belt in another 5,000 Ks. I've called around and have been quoted from $1,200 for a belt kit (with tensioners etc) to $2,000 for the belt kit plus water pump and plugs. I know the job has to be done; I'm just finding it a bit hard to accept that I need to pay $2,000 to service a car that is only insured for $2,800. But she is a good old girl.
I had called Harry's Auto Care in Oatley Court - his was the $1,200 estimate for the belt and tensioners. A friend has advised me to make sure that I get the water pump replaced in addition to the timing belt because the odds are that it is on the way out as well.
National Capital Motors quoted $800 for what appeared to be "the lot" - when I called back for a firm quote, the price blew out to $1,300 (not including the water pump). When I called Harry's Auto back for a firm price I got the $1,100 (with water pump) - thus my decision to go with Harry's.
After hunting around, the best deal I could find in Canberra was $1,100 to supply and fit:
• Timing Belt Kit inclusive of idler pulley,tensioner, crank/cam seals
• Rocker gaskets and plug seals (mine are leaking)
• New water pump & coolant
• 3 Platinum plugs
• Fuel filter.
Local dealer quote was $1.300 without the water pump. Harry's Auto Care came in at $1,100 for the lot - so I have booked the car in with them to have the job done.
Wish I could wield the tools and do the job myself - 'cause I know the majority of the cost is labour. PaulCnb on AussieMagna

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