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A Roadworthy Certificate in ACT is valid for one month from the date it was issued. Call Harry's Auto Care now or make a Roadworthy Inspection appointment online!


When does my car need RWC in ACT?

In Australian Capital Territory Roadworthy Inspections and Roadworthy Certificates are required for vehicles in these situations:
• when you buy a new car and register it for the first time
• when transferring ownership of the car (if the vehicle is older than 6 years)
• if your car is transferred from another state to ACT
• if your car has been unregistered for longer than 12months
• if your car has received a defect notice
• if your car is powered by LPG, annual RWC inspection is required

After you have your car inspected by an Approved Inspection Station and the vehicle meets all requirements, you will receive a Roadworthy Certificate. A fee applies to all vehicle inspections. Call Harry's Auto Care now or book a RWC online!


Roadworthy Inspection by Repco Authorised Car Service Belconnen ACT 2617


Roadworthy Maintenance

After you have inspected your car, received a Roadworthy Certificate and registered, your vehicle in Canberra will rarely need a Roadworthy Inspection if it doesn’t change owners and stays registered. However, the random inspection scheme in ACT means that your car can be subjected to a visual inspection at any time, in any road related area, including car parks. If faults or defects are identified, a defect notice is issued and the use of the vehicle could be restricted until a Roadworthy Inspection is performed, the vehicle is cleared and a new Roadworthy Certificate issued.

To maintain your car in best functioning order, the primary option is regular maintenance checks at your local mechanic. While not a comprehensive replacement for a thrpough mechanical inspection, you can keep your eyes on your car's features to ensure your and other motorist safety.



Ensure your car headlights are clean and properly aimed, especially if your car does tow other vehicles. Dazzling lights are dangerous to other drivers and cars in front your vehicle, especially in wet weather and poor visibility conditions. Make sure all lights on your car, including brakes and indicators are functioning properly.



If your car takes longer to stop, emits unusual noises, has a shuddering brake pedal, urgent mechanical inspection is needed to determine the cause and fix your car.



Being constantly in contact with the road, tyres must be inspected regularly for external wear and potential damage. Your local mechanic can help you to maintain tyre pressure to makers specifications.



Check for oil leaks or excessive steering wheel free play. Steering components tend to wear gradually, so you have to be very aware to notice reducing quality in vital steering components.



Windscreens, side and centre rear mirrors must be clean and not cracked. Windscreen wipers and surroundings must be free from contaminates. Window tint may not exceed local legislation.



Seat belts and other safety restraints are critical to the your safety in the vehicle. Check for signs of wear, fraying or damage, also inspect structural mounting points for rust or damage.

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